Published: Građevinar 69 (2017) 10
Paper type: Professional paper
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Mechanical properties of mortar containing recycled asphalt

Ozlem Sola, Cemil Ozyazgan


Recycled asphalt is used in this paper as replacement for a part of cement in the production of cement composite. A part of cement was replaced with a sieved recycled asphalt powder in the proportion of 5 to 15 % of the cement weight. The testing comprised the analysis of density, Blaine specific surface area, setting time, particle size distribution, compressive strength, resistance to freezing and thawing, water absorption, and the SEM-EDS and XRD analyses. The results show that the density, compressive strength, and Blaine surface area decrease, and that toughness increases, with an addition of recycled asphalt into cement composite.

recycled asphalt, mechanical properties, durability properties, microstructure, mineralogical structure


Sola, O., Ozyazgan, C.: Mechanical properties of mortar containing recycled asphalt, GRAĐEVINAR, 69 (2017) 10, pp. 933-940, doi:


Sola, O., Ozyazgan, C. (2017). Mechanical properties of mortar containing recycled asphalt, GRAĐEVINAR, 69 (10), 933-940, doi:


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Ozlem Sola
Istanbul University, Turkey
Faculty of Civil Engineering
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Cemil Ozyazgan
Affairs, Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey Department of Construction and Technical