Published: Građevinar 75 (2023) 7
Paper type: Subject review
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Rheological properties of synthesised additives in hot mix asphalt

Hacer Yesilcicek, Merve Gulfer Bozdemir, Şeref Oruç


In civil engineering, pavement, which is a mixture of aggregate and bitumen, is the layer most affected by traffic loads. Thus, problems, such as cracking, rutting, fatigue, aging, and moisture damage occur in the asphalt pavement layer throughout its service life. Such problems are generally caused by the increase in the number of heavily loaded vehicles, design and construction errors, and climate and environmental conditions. Scientists and engineers are continuously working on improving the performance of asphalt pavements. Particularly, recent studies have focused on improving multiple properties of asphalt simultaneously by chemically synthesising a novel material in the laboratory. This study aims to present a review of the effects of chemically synthesised additives on the performance of asphalt binders and mixtures. The findings of this study show that these new additives had a significant effect on the rheological properties of asphalt, such as rutting, elasticity, and fatigue life, when used in appropriate proportions. This study is expected to serve as a reference and guide for future studies on the production of new synthesised additives as asphalt modifiers.

asphalt, modification, novel additives, rheology, road performance


Yesilcicek, H., Gulfer Bozdemir, M., Oruç, Ş.: Rheological properties of synthesised additives in hot mix asphalt, GRAĐEVINAR, 75 (2023) 7, pp. 679-694, doi:


Yesilcicek, H., Gulfer Bozdemir, M., Oruç, Ş. (2023). Rheological properties of synthesised additives in hot mix asphalt, GRAĐEVINAR, 75 (7), 679-694, doi:


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