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Published: Građevinar 64 (2012) 10
Paper type: Subject review
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Selection of steel based on ductility

Boris Androić, Darko Dujmović, Davor Skejić


Designers are nowadays at difficulty when selecting proper steel grade, as over 2500 types of steel are available on the market. Specific requirements for the avoidance of brittle fracture are defined in EN 1993-1-10. The method for safety assessment with regard to avoidance of brittle fracture via fracture mechanics, and theoretical background of structural rules defined in EN 1993-1-10, are presented in the paper. In addition to the normal use of EN 1993-1-10, its other uses, in case of specific ductility requirements due to high strain rate and/or high cold strain effects, are also presented.

Eurocode, seismic evaluation, fracture mechanics, EN 1993-1-10, steel selection, brittle fracture


Androić, B., Dujmović, D., Skejić, D.: Selection of steel based on ductility, GRAĐEVINAR, 64 (2012) 10, doi:


Androić, B., Dujmović, D., Skejić, D. (2012). Selection of steel based on ductility, GRAĐEVINAR, 64 (10), doi:


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